Deck Makeovers

Do you want a Deck Makeover including:
  • Demolishing your old deck, stairs and railing and build fresh and new?
  • Replacing the deck sheathing and waterproofing?
  • Eliminating the need to re-paint wooden railings every year?
  • Adding a patio cover or sunroom to your deck to “finish” your outdoor area?
  • Providing your family with a clean, easily maintained deck finish?
An EconoWise Deck Makeover is THE solution for you!
Whatever condition your deck is in, if it’s “close” to requiring serious attention, this could be the year to doing a full re-build.
Starting “fresh” is key to longevity in re-deck projects. And, we will ensure that you choose the best option for your situation.


EconoWise accesses various choices for deck finishing from pre-treated wood, cedar, vinyl, composite, tile and trowel-on materials. Costs will vary with materials chosen. Create your dream deck today!